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The Moscow Region is one of Russia’s 85 constituent regions located in the European part of the country. The Moscow Region surrounds Russia’s capital, the City of Moscow. Together, they form the Greater Moscow urban agglomeration, whose economy accounts for at least 25% of the Russian economy by GDP.

Consumer market

The Moscow Region has an access to one of the largest consumer markets accounting for 600 billion US dollars.

Transport hub

Region is one of Russia’s largest logistics hubs. Indeed, the region accounts for 60% of all cargo traffic in Russia.

Government support

The Moscow Region Government offers a wide range of industrial sites and various preferential regimes to attract investors.

 Андрей Воробьев

Andrey Yu. Vorobyev

Governer of the Moscow region

The Moscow Region is one of the most attractive Russian regions in terms of running business, developing production facilities and implementing investment projects. The region boasts a number of apparent advantages: a huge sales market, favourable logistics, high-skilled resources, and great development potential in many areas. Our common goal is to enhance these advantages, set up the most comfortable environment for entrepreneurs and investors, and remove bureaucratic hurdles and infrastructural restrictions.
To this end, we have commenced construction of 64 industrial parks. Out of them, 28 parks are already in operation, while the remaining parks are being designed or constructed. The Moscow Region industrial parks feature well-arranged infrastructure, as well as fast land plot lease execution, favourable financial terms, and ample development opportunities. The Moscow Region also offers a possibility to become a resident of one of the three special economic zones – Dubna, Stupino or Fryazino. Here, businesses can enjoy eight-year corporate income tax holidays followed by reduced rates, and other advantages of running business in our region.
We can attract investors despite the strong competition in the market. We seek to continuously improve our collaboration with Russian and foreign companies.

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